ZAM - the Youngest 2019 SLO Half Marathon Relay Team

We are team ZAM - Zoe, Addison (Addie), and Mia. Some people ask how we came up with the name ZAM. Last year, on our yearly father-daughter camping trip, there was a bug on Zoe. Addie found it, Zoe freaked out, then Mia came along and claimed it. Since we all had a part in finding the bug, we wanted to all decide on a name together. That’s when we came up with the name ZAM - Z for Zoe, A for Addie and M for Mia. Ever since then we used the name ZAM.

It all began 8 years ago in 2011. We first met when we were three, and have remained best friends ever since. Preschool were the only years we all went to school together. Ever since we became friends, we have not had any major arguments. Over the years we’ve been inseparable.


Almost every weekend we carpool to soccer games and tournaments for club soccer. Soccer is a huge part of our lives and we all love soccer greatly. All three of us are in 6th grade at great schools - Addie and Mia go to Los Ranchos and Zoe goes to Old Mission. We see each other almost every weekend and every Monday and Wednesday at soccer practice. We have all been on the same soccer team for about 5 years. Soccer comes with a lot of running and we all know that the better we are at running, the better we will be at soccer.

Almost every weekend we hang out with each other, and when we do, we always try to fit in a run or a workout. It's not just soccer that brings us together. It's also the amazing personalities we all share. Every time we are together there's always a feel of happiness and laughter. We are all very competitive and we all hope someday to be professional athletes.

We don’t just only hangout with each other, our family is very important to each of us. All of our success is thanks to our parents. They drive us from place to place, even when it’s not their cup of tea. They always cheer us on and support us at all times. We are all VERY thankful for our families.

We have huge motivators. For Zoe, it’s Alex Morgan. For Addie and Mia, it’s Carli Lloyd. One quote that we all love is by Jordan Hassey, “Give 100 percent all the time and eventually results will come, because that’s all you can control.” We love this quote and we try our hardest, because that is all we can control. Even if we don't win, we still feel good about ourselves, because we know we tried our best and that is all we can control.

Addie did the first leg of the SLO half marathon, which was about 4.5 miles through the downtown area. Once Addie finished her leg, it was then Zoe’s turn. She ran 3.5 miles all uphill. Once Zoe was finished, it was then Mia’s turn, she ran 5 miles to the finish line. We all knew during the race that there was going to be parts when we are in pain and want to stop, but we just tried to get through the pain and keep on going.

From the left - Zoe, Mia and Addison

From the left - Zoe, Mia and Addison

In the end, it was all worth it. When Mia finished the last leg of the race, we felt accomplished and proud of each other and ourselves. We first received a medal for first place in the relay for our division. We left thinking that was our only medal, until we got an email saying that we came in third place in all of the women relay teams that entered! We were very excited and energetic throughout the race. Team ZAM was the youngest relay team, but it makes no difference for all of us. We can't wait to see the journey running will take us. This race was just the start of something great.

Thank you to everyone who came to support us and admired us just for doing something we love. We are so honored just to even be writing this paper. Just remember, even if you’re the youngest in a race or oldest in a race, there’s no difference or advantage - you decide if you win or not.


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